Senior Living Services in Olympia, Washington

Sequoia Assisted Living

The Sequoia Assisted Living is perfectly placed to provide the most comprehensive access to services available!

Located right near Providence St. Peter and Kaiser Permanente Olympia Medical Center in Olympia, Washington, residents of the Sequoia not only get the best care available here in our community but also have the added benefit of nearby more extensive medical care if necessary. In addition, we partner with several trusted services to provide their specialty services onsite. Explore the many different services our trusted partners are able to provide.


The Sequoia Assisted Living Community Services

Individualized Assisted Living Services

Living at The Sequoia Assisted Living has its perks! Whether you are a temporary resident enjoying a respite stay or a resident that has decided to join The Sequoia family, all of our community amenities and base rent services are available to you.

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Sequoia Assisted Living Community, Olympia

Respite Care in Olympia Washington

Are you home providing care for a loved one? Part of caring for another is knowing when you need to recharge yourself. Seeking support and providing care for you is vital to managing your caregiving years. Don’t let yourself become exhausted, isolated, or overwhelmed.

When the time comes, the Respite Care program at The Sequoia Assisted Living offers a safe, supportive environment where personal needs can be met by a trained staff that is dedicated to caring for the needs of older adults. Our Respite program is available for short-term stays, for a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 30 days. Month-to-month leasing is available for longer stay needs.

*Our Respite Care programming is subject to availability and nursing assessment. Please inquire as to our current availability.

Hospice Care Services

We work closely with reputable hospice agencies to provide a compassionate, patient-centered approach to enhance the quality of life and support for our residents facing terminal diagnoses, and for their family members.

The Sequoia recognizes the importance of quality Hospice Care for our residents and family members who are experiencing the effects of an advanced illness. Hospice care is a form of specialized and individualized care that is designed to provide residents and their family members support as they experience the symptoms of an advanced illness. The purpose of Hospice Care is to focus on the quality of life rather than a search for a cure. Our Hospice Care providers focus on maintaining dignity and providing comfort which may include pain and symptom management throughout our residents’ time with us.

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Additional Services Available from Trusted Partners

  • Physical therapy

  • Podiatry

  • Dental Hygiene

  • Hospice Care

  • Visiting Physician Services

  • Mobile X-rays

  • Home Health with Outpatient Services, Case Management, and Social Work

  • Psychiatric Care

  • Mobile Notary

And More!!

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